Nicole Jacob | Professional Chicago Eyebrow Shaping
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Early in her career, Nicole Jacob quickly discovered that even the most expertly done makeover was useless on a face with poorly groomed brows. Jacob began shaping her client's brows along with their makeovers, and found that many were returning just to have their brows shaped on a monthly basis.

Rather than using a standard method or measuring system to determine the perfect shape of each arch, Jacob considers each individual's face and natural arch shape. "I can look at someone and see what their arch can and can't do," explains Jacob. "Not everyone can get an arch. Some people have a scar on their brow, or they plucked their eyebrows off years ago and they haven't grown back." Jacob also takes into consideration what her client's—both men and women—want from their brows. "I ask them if they want to see a difference or if they want their brows to remain natural." Over time, Jacob can work with a client to help them grow and shape their brows into an arch they never knew they could achieve.

When it comes to shaping, Jacob stays far away from waxing, which she believes causes premature aging around the eye area. Rather, she relies on her Tweezerman tweezers to get the most accurate shape. She uses a tiny scissors to thin out thicker brows and cut straying hairs, and often uses hair coloring to naturally fill in light, graying or thinning brows. Even the guys, who make up 30 percent of her clientele, love the natural, cleaned-up look Jacob has mastered.

When Jacob's not seeing clients at Paul Rehder (many who fly in from other cities to get their makeup and brows done), she travels to other cities to do eyebrow parties, and makes weekly appearances at a small store in Hinsdale for brow shaping. Her clientele of high-profile ladies and wives have also become hooked on Jacob's expert brow shaping, and have incorporated it their monthly beauty regimen.

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