Nicole Jacob | Testimonials
The "eyes" have it. While a silly play on words, Nicole Jacobs's mastery at all things related to brows and eyes have kept me a loyal customer for many years. Not only has she carefully crafted my brows but she graciously taught me a quick and easy makeup routine to make my eyes look years younger. For a busy, working mother of three for whom time is my biggest deficit, she has given me a huge and lasting gift.
Rachel Kohler
Nicole Jacob is someone I recommend all the time for events -- she did my wedding makeup. Her application is flawless and stays put all night. Plus, she has a great sense of style and an eye for red-carpet makeup trends.
Susanna Negovan, Chicago Sun-Times
Every woman I know wants to have those certain days where she feels she looks her very best. Somehow that's what always happens when you go to see Nicole. She's something like a Genie in a bottle. Those of us who have had a chance to be her clients go anywhere from a little bit happier to a lot happier when we see the results of her artistic capability. You're never overdone - you just look better than you ever thought you could. Beyond her capability, Nicole is one of the nicest people with the most upbeat personality you could ever have the pleasure of knowing. I value her professionalism, her attitude, and certainly her results. She is spectacularly wonderful!!!
Katherine Malkin
Nicole Jacobs Delehanty is someone I would go to for makeup and brows even if she sucked. But, fortunately, not only is she the go-to expert, but she is also more fun than a three-ringed circus. Oh, and did I mention drop-dead gorgeous? My top pick for makeup and brow shaping is NJD, hands down!
Candace Jordan—Candid Candace
As an actor I spent many years in some of the top makeup artists chairs in the country. It was not until meeting a beautiful and exuberant Nicole Jacob that I "found my face." Nicole's artistry is nothing short of pure magic. Fly to LA for an eye brow arch? Only because Nicole is booked!
Whitney Laskey
Nicole has done my eye brows and make up for professional photo and video shoots for the past decade. First of all, until I met Nicole I never realized how important properly groomed eye brows are to your overall look. And to get mine done by the best - Nicole Jacob - I feel very fortunate! With her handiwork my eyes became the focus of my face, as they should be, and her makeup application enhanced my look rather than alter it (as I've experienced with other professional makeup artists). Nicole has a knack for bringing out your best. I highly recommend Nicole Jacob if you desire to look your best, and frankly I can't think of anyone who can do eye brows even half as well as her.
Cara Carriveau
I have had the pleasure to know Nicole Jacob for over a decade. Whenever I have a red carpet event or television appearance, I always make sure I see Nicole for my eye brows. I have also referred many women from the entertainment industry and business world to see Nicole for makeup. Her technique is one of a kind and her attention to detail makes anyone that sits in her chair feel incredibly special. Whether you are a guy that just needs to be groomed or a girl that needs her make up done for a big event, Nicole Jacob will make sure that you look red carpet ready!
Matt Jacobi
I was lucky enough to have Nicole as my makeup artist for my July 2011 wedding in Calistoga, CA. She also did the makeup for my five bridesmaids, my mom, and my mother-in-law-to-be. My entire wedding party looked gorgeous! Nicole is a master of natural and elegant makeup application - I felt beautiful and glamorous, but still completely like myself. I love how my makeup looks in wedding pictures. On top of her amazing talent, Nicole is one of the most fun, genuine, and nice people I know. I couldn't imagine my wedding day without her!
Carrie Baizer Tracy
I love Nicole!!! She makes all of us look good, each in his/her own way! In all my travels to archaeological sites in the Middle East her lip colors and eye enhancers have gone with me. When I am back home in Chicago she makes my skimpy eyebrows look elegant! It is always a joy to be with Nicole Jacobs as well as emerging beautified from each encounter. Each friend/ client is welcomed equally, whether a bride or a great grandmother, by this lovely woman.
Carlotta Maher, 79, Archaeologist
Nicole is a Chicago gem! As a professional man in Chicago it is very important for me to be well groomed. At the same time there is a fine balance between being well groomed and overly groomed. I'm sure everyone can relate to the overly zealous waxing experience. Nicole takes her time and carefully plucks each hair in such a way to keep a man's eyebrows looking clean, but most importantly natural. I have been all over the world and had many spa services. No one does eyebrows like Nicole Jacob. My only fear is the secret will further spread and I will never be able to get an appointment.
Jesse Armenta
I came to Nicole several years ago for my eyebrows because I didn't want to go to a place with a cookie cutter approach. Nicole takes the time to give you a precise, individualized eyebrow shaping. She does so with professionalism, enthusiasm and and sense of humor! My daughter now comes to Nicole as well!
I have also used Nicole for makeup application: once for a black-tie affair and another time when I just wanted a polished, but natural look. She rose to the occasion on both counts proving that she is truly a person who can meet your needs!
I would (and do) recommend her for eyebrows and makeup...and as a bonus, you'll get a smile and a hug!
Melissa LaMantia
Where do i begin? Nicole the only person I trust to tweeze my eyebrows! She is AMAZING! I have been recommending her to friends and family for years and everyone loves her!!! After I see her I feel like I had a mini face lift!!! She is truly gifted!!! To top it off she is super friendly and upbeat, a joy to be around!
Renee Feigley
Nicole has been doing my make-up and eyebrows for 11 years. In fact she was the first person to ever do my brows. To this day I never let anyone else touch my face. There is an art to what she is able to accomplish that cannot be duplicated anywhere else, and I have traveled far and wide. Even without an ounce of makeup on my face I feel instantly more beautiful once she has worked her magic and restored my struggling brows. Her makeup application is flawless and she brings out the beauty that you already have rather than covering it up with pounds of things that leave you looking completely unlike yourself. Even after all of this, what I appreciate most about Nicole is her personality and her character. She is one of the warmest and happiest people I know and it does not take a rocket scientist to see that she truly loves what she does, and she loves her clients. Her personal beauty on the inside as well as the outside, is what I believe, must make it that much easier for her bring out the beauty in others.
Paige Nelson
Nicole is by far and large the best eyebrow shaper and makeup artist that I have ever been to. She is consistently fabulous!!! When Nicole does makeup, she will always apply it to your taste, she is subtle with her application, and accentuates your best features. I won't go to anyone else.
Shefali Mehta
Nicole is a true artist when it comes to brows. As someone who's tried specialists in NY, LA, and Boston, she's simply the best. She knows how create that clean, natural arch and will teach you how to maintain it between appointments. Unfortunately, I don't live in Chicago, but when I'm in town, I always make time to see her!
Paige Holtzman
I have been going to Nicole for almost 15 years now for brow shaping and make-up application and there is no one out there that does a better job! She is meticulous and takes her time with me ensuring that the result is always natural looking and flawless. She is passionate and excited about what she does, really listens to me, and always understands what I want. I couldn't be happier with all the products in her make-up line. I have been loyal to the line for years and always get compliments on my make-up...especially my lip gloss which is the best lip gloss out there!
Lisa Meyer
When I go to Nicole to get my eyebrows done, I feel completely rejuvenated. Nicole makes everybody feel comfortable, special and she is very sincere. You won't leave her chair without laughing or disappointed, she's the bees-knees!"
Mary Ellen Fahey
I have been going to Nicole for eyebrow shaping for more than five years, and am an addict. It has been a work in progress, but she was able to work my somewhat shapeless eyebrows into a full, flattering arch I didn't even know was possible. I love that she tweezes and doesn't wax, which is much less harsh on that delicate skin. Besides her expert precision in brow shaping, I love going to see Nicole just to get a dose or her charm, laughter and love of life!
Liz Grossman--Writer/Editor/Blogger
Nicole has been shaping my eyebrows for almost 5 years. I wouldn't trust anyone else to do this for me. She's excellent and very professional. I just spent 4 days in Michigan golfing over Memorial Day was AWESOME! I got the video you sent of Dempsey laughing, TOTALLY cute!!!!
Grace Dysico
Nicole Jacob is a one of a kind talent with tweezers and a makeup brush. I first met Nicole when I was looking for an alternative to waxing my eyebrows. If her skill with tweezers hadn't sold me on making the change from waxing to plucking, then her warm and endearing personality would have! Consequently, I have spent over ten years making monthly visits to Nicole and I wouldn't trust my eyebrows to anyone else. And regardless of whether I need makeup for a formal event or just every day wear, Nicole knows just which colors from her incredible makeup line will suit me and my event. But Nicole doesn't just recommend the best makeup for day or evening wear, she spends time with me teaching me the best way to apply the makeup so that I can replicate the look she creates day after day. I would highly recommend Nicole to anyone who wants to look their best!
Helaine Tiglias Renz
I have been a client of Nicole Jacob for 10 years now. Not only does she take care of my eyebrows, but she also assists me with her makeup. I would follow her anywhere as she does such a terrific job that after my appointment to have my brows done I look as though I have had an instant face lift! She is so talented at helping me with her makeup line that I never make a mistake and wear something that is not flattering to me. My makeup always looks soft and pretty. In addition, she has a great personality and I look forward to seeing her for my appointment.
Susie Porter
Everything is good about going to see Nicole. She does beautiful, natural eyebrows that stay looking great for weeks, and you get to have a good time visiting while she does them. She knows how to make you look better, younger and fresher without making you look "done." My spirits and appearance are lifted with every visit and I leave the salon looking forward to my next visit. Nicole is a very talented, skilled, and happy person who does great work and is loads of fun to be with. The BEST!
Karen Newbury
I cannot say enough about Nicole- she is a true artist. Her eyebrow shaping can transform a face, her make up application is impeccable and I am a huge fan of her make up line. I cannot tell you how many compliments I get on my Intense Beige lipstick!!. Anyone who goes to Nicole will not be disappointed. Her talents and her kindness are immeasurable.
Roopa Weber
I have been seeing Nicole on a regular basis for over 11 years. She has done my make for several events and tweezes my eyebrows routinely. She is a very talented artist!! Nicole has an eye, she fully listens to your needs/desired look and provides great feedback. She examines your features and customizes a look that is perfect for you and the event. Nicole never forces a look or product that you are not comfortable with.....and she has great products. Her lip glosses are to die for!
Roshni Flynn
Nicole is a master at her craft. I go to her for those special occasions when I want to look my natural best- not like I've been made up. When Nicole performs her magic I look and feel just beautiful! I would highly recommend her to anyone. Nicole is not only fabulous at what she does, she's also upbeat and fun!
Jan Melk
I have been going to Nicole for several years. My eyebrows never looked so good. It seems like a simple thing to do yourself but when Nicole is finished it really makes a big difference. FYI, she has a very gentle touch. I also use many of her make-up products. She always advises me on the correct way of applying everything before I leave so it always looks flattering. I look forward to every visit.
Susan Nagel
Nicole came highly recommended and has never disappointed. I always feel so much more put together (and look younger) after Nicole somehow manages to get my eyebrows into a flattering shape or gives me some makeup pointers. She's so talented plus she's a lot of fun.
Donna Weinstein
The best twenty minutes with Nicole, my eyebrows look amazing and always get a quick make-up update with her wonderful selections of lip stick, gloss and makeup. Wish I knew her 12 years ago would have flown her to my wedding and had her do my make-up. Slso love her sweet bubbly self to make your day complete and to looking fabulous.
Mary Marco